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Are you interested in licensing art from Linnest Creative?
Read more about the types of licenses I offer, below.

Fill out my Licensing Enquiry Form to get started.

Licensing Enquiry FAQs

Looking to enhance your products with stunning artwork but don’t have the time or expertise to create it yourself? Artwork licensing is the perfect solution!

By obtaining a license, you gain the legal right to use the artwork(s) for various purposes, such as incorporating them into your product designs, marketing materials, or even personal projects. I offer non-exclusive or exclusive licenses for my designs. As a licensee, you pay a fee to use the artwork according to the terms we agree upon.

Explore an array of surface pattern collections on my portfolio page!

You can also have a look at my Spoonflower store and explore a variety of my designs, most of which are open for non-exclusive licensing. Whether you need inspiration or a unique design for your project, my designs on Spoonflower will give you a peek into what I can do, and it’ll spark ideas for your exclusive designs too. Just reach out through my Licensing Enquiry Form, and let’s chat about your next project.

With a non-exclusive license, you can select any design(s) from my collection and have it manufactured by a printer of your choice to create finished goods within one specific product category.

Non-exclusive license allows the same design to be licensed to multiple companies at the same time. This means that while you have the rights to use the design for your products, others can also access and license the same design for their own purposes even within the same product category.

Additionally, the design will remain available for sale on platforms such as Spoonflower. This means that people can purchase the design printed on various products such as fabric, wallpaper, and more.

Note that you don’t need a license if you’re using fabric purchased from my retailers such as Spoonflower to create finished goods.

Usage terms for an exclusive license are negotiated and agreed upon before the commencement of any design work. As the designer, I retain the right to use the design during the licensing period for any purpose not outlined in the agreement. For instance, if you have exclusively licensed a design for bedding, I may also license this design in different categories like women’s apparel, wallpaper or baby clothes.

At the end of the licensing term, you will have the opportunity to renew the license. Deciding not to renew the license results in the design rights returning back to me.

Whether you license my artwork exclusively or non-exclusively, I retain all copyright and ownership rights of the artwork and all its derivative works at all times.

I currently do not offer buy-outs.

When determining the price for your project, I carefully consider various factors such as usage, product type, and licensing type. All the necessary details are conveniently listed on my Licensing Enquiry Form. Simply fill it out, and I’ll be able to offer you a customized quote for your project. Don’t hesitate to submit an enquiry even if some details are uncertain.

Certainly! I’m happy to provide you with Pantone color codes for your chosen design.

Absolutely, I’d be happy to customize colors for any of my vector-based designs. Please fill out my Licensing Enquiry Form to discuss the details.

Yes, please inform me if your printer or manufacturer requires the artwork to be layered.